Learn Spanish

Why learn Spanish?

A foreign language helps open many more doors in the world of international business. These job offers illustrates the above: http://www.internationaljobs.org

International business is very important as many US companies are going global

Foreign markets represent more than half of US incomes

According the IMF Global Financial Stability Report “US goods and services firms want to expand to foreign markets because the US economy only accounts for about 27% of total world output… And multinational companies increasingly rely on foreign markets to boost sales and develop new sources of income. “

International business is very important as many US companies are looking for ways to cuts costs

they do so by looking for foreign working force, and they can reduce tax expenses by producing in foreign countries where labor costs are lower than in the U.S.

Most of those foreign countries are Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico.

So an exchange program or study abroad program in Mexico is always well-seen on a professional résumé.

Which renders this kind of program quite attractive to US/Canadian students, and helps sell it fast.

The Spanish-Speaking Community within the US is quite large and economically very important and constitutes a strong market for US businesses.

The Spanish language is now one of the 7 official languages in the United States.

Spanish is spoken by approx 500 million people in the world and its growing number of speakers inhabits all continents.

Spanish is the most spoken Romance language

Spanish is the second most spoken language by number of native speakers.

Why learn Spanish in Queretaro?

Well, first, because the City of Queretaro is declared WORLD HERITAGE by the Unesco for its colonial, historical and cultural landmarks which are under several special protection programs.

The city of Queretaro is by far the safest city of Mexico.

The city of Queretaro is the cleanest of the nation.

The city of Queretaro offers numerous world renowned historical legacy monuments.

The city is a beautiful colonial jewel in the core of the Mexican nation.

Queretaro is the site of operations or headquarters for many international companies.

Learning Spanish in another country allows for international and intercultural awareness, empowering students to evolve in different environments and cultures and make the best of the experience, giving them a certain competitive edge in future job markets.

The city has a well-structured international airport with direct flight destinations and arrivals from important cities of the world.

Queretaro is located in the central part of Mexico and is therefore closed to all major Mexican cities, including Mexico City.

Queretaro is among the cheapest of the nation.

The city offers special welcome to all tourists and visitors through its amazingly nice and friendly community and its attractive, safe, rich and entertaining cultural and historical sites and activities.

Financial Aid (for learners of Spanish as a Second Language)

College students learning Spanish with us can apply for any of our Work Study financial aid programs for the benefit of a full or partial tuition fee waiver. The programs generally allow them to take free Spanish classes as they teach English to natives or perform office-related part time responsibilities. Our programs are as follow:

Academic Work Study Programs: Students Learning Spanish can apply for any available Teaching or Teaching Assistantship position available at Globoworld. If admitted she or he will go through a two-week training program enabling her/him to teach their native language to the locals. The benefits are granted on an individual basis. Please contact our Academic Director for details.

Administrative Work Study Programs: Duties include general and administrative office work. All inquiries should be directed to our Administrative Assistant.

Internship Programs in Mexico: Many internship programs are available in many different departments in Globoworld such as Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Information Technology and Digitalized Processes, Teaching Aid Creation, Methodology and Linguistics Research. Colleges and universities should contact our General Director directly for placement. We offer our interns full tuition fees waiver to learn Spanish at our school, recognition for their work, excellent references and often permanent job offers.

Investigative Sponsorship and Scholarships: Globoworld will sometimes sponsor outstanding individuals who wish to pursue research in linguistics and/or related fields of study. We generally sponsor only projects that entail the benefit of the science and technology of language teaching and languages in general.





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